Best Neighborhoods in Bath, ME

The Spaceman Team | September 15, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Bath is a small city of 8,300 residents. There are lots of green spaces with plenty of trees and several small lakes. Plus, Bath is right on the Kennebec River, giving access to swimming and boating.


The city was incorporated way back in 1781, and you’ll find Bath full of 19th to early 20th-century architecture. You’ll find lots of small to mid-sized homes. In past centuries this was a shipbuilding town, and you can learn about that history in the Main Maritime Museum.


Living in this area, with a blend of rural and suburban life, is relatively affordable. The median home price is $256,580 and the average monthly rent of an apartment is $1,263.


The Kennebec Estuary Land Trust protects nature preserves in and around Bath, including Butler Head Preserve and Thorne Head Preserve. Plus, there are many natural parks and you can take a long walk on the Whiskeag Trail, as well as other trails.


You can learn a lot more on the Bath City website.


Here are three major areas in Bath you may be interested in moving to.


Richardson Street and Surrounding Areas


The late 19th and early 20th century homes on and around Richardson Street are sufficiently set apart so residents feel a sense of having lots of room. The tall trees surrounding them help make this rural area a calming place, while also being close to shopping and restaurants to the west along State Road.

Snow Park, Walker Street, and Tarbox Street


The area that includes Snow Park, Walker Street, and Tarbox Street looks similar to Richardson Street, with beautiful homes and lots of space. The shopping here, though, is to the east along Vine Street and on the Kennebec River.


Oak Grove Avenue


The long road that is Oak Grove Avenue has ranch-style homes with lots of space between them. You’ll also find peaceful Oak Grove Cemetery along this route. If it’s an apartment you seek, Maritime Apartments and Oak Ridge Apartments are nearby. Also, this area is just a few minutes from the previously-mentioned shopping area along Vine Street and the Kennebec River.


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