State-of-the-Art Storage Features at Spaceman

Isabella Blake | May 4, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

State-of-the-Art Storage Features at Spaceman!

Is storing at Spaceman Self Storage safe and convenient? You bet it is. We’re proud to use the latest technology in the storage industry. In fact, we believe that we are the most technologically-advanced storage facility in all of Maine! Our features are meant to make your experience easier, more convenient, and more secure.

Noke Smart Entry

A centerpiece of our technological features is the Noke Smart Entry system. This was created by Janus International, a company that has provided locking solutions for the storage industry for years. Their Noke systems take advantage of cloud-based technology to allow tenants to get in the gate, into buildings, and into their units, all with a smartphone app. This convenient Bluetooth locking system means you won’t have to remember codes or dig around in your pocket for your storage locker key.

In fact, it means you can rent a unit online and start dropping off boxes without having to talk to a person face-to-face. Add to that the fact that our facility has 24-hour access, and you can get a unit any time. You don’t even have to purchase a separate lock. Each Noke lock has a battery life of two years, but you don’t have to worry about that at all, as we change out the batteries when necessary. 

Individually Alarmed Units

While most self storage facilities have alarms on the front gate and on buildings, fewer have an alarm on each unit. Since we have this feature, it means on the off-chance a thief attempts to break into a unit, we’ll know, immediately, exactly where they are. We can capture them on camera and alert the police right away.

Climate Control

Because it can get so cold here in Maine, every unit in our Bath facility has climate control. Think of this as air conditioning, but for your stuff. While AC at home needs to operate within a fairly narrow range to keep people comfortable, climate control in a storage unit can be more flexible. Your belongings will stay in good condition between about 50 and 80 degrees. It also keeps the humidity between 30 and 50 percent, so the air never gets so dry that furniture cracks, or so damp that your clothes and other items become moldy.

Thanks to our advanced technology and security measures, you can be sure your personal and business-related possessions are safe when you store with us.