Self Storage for Personal Use

The most common users of self storage units are individuals and families who need to store personal belongings. These typically include furniture, appliances, clothing, books, sports equipment, electronics, and a variety of valuables.

There are a variety of great reasons to get a storage unit for personal use. The extra space allows you to keep your home less cluttered and better organized. If you’ve downsized to a smaller home to save money, you’ll be happy to know that space in a self storage unit rents for less than the same amount of room in a residence. If you’re moving, remodeling, or selling your home, self storage is also an excellent place to store things that would otherwise be in the way.

Our units all have climate control to keep your belongings from taking damage due to temperature and humidity changes. Plus, we sell all the packing supplies you need at our on-site store, and our friendly managers are available Monday through Saturday if you have any questions.