Self Storage for Students

At Spaceman Self Storage, we recognize that teen and young adult students have special storage needs, and we’re happy to provide solutions. In fact, we offer a $1.00 move in fee for students, making our services even more affordable.

We’re proud to serve the needs of two particular educational institutions in the Bath area. The first is Hyde School, a private high school with dorms on campus. The second is Bowdoin College. Located just 15 minutes from Bath, this liberal arts college has students from all over the U.S. and the world.

Self storage can help in a variety of ways. When you move into your dorm, you may discover you don’t have enough room for everything you brought. Rent a small self storage unit for the rest. Having an uncluttered dorm room will also make it easier to study.

Even if you have space for your belongings in your dorm room, when the time comes to move home for the summer, it can be a pain hauling everything in your room back to your parents’ place. Instead, put things like your furniture, appliances, and extra books in a 5’x5’ storage unit until the fall.

Remember, all our units are climate controlled. That means the temperature and humidity in each is kept at safe levels for all your belongings. No matter how cold or dry it gets outside, in your unit, your things will remain in great shape.